Christian Jammal (aka the boss) : Heading the team since    1990. Starting off specializing in Leather and branching out as new trends came along he’s a wealth of knowledge. Not a great dancer, but what he lacks in coordination skills he more than makes up in keeping the estrogen-filled tribe in line. While he hates golf, he loves golf hats and always has one firmly planted on his ‘hair’, you can spot him hanging out at the 3 stores and offering up his expert advice.

Isabelle Chouinard (Directrice) : No better saleswoman have you seen, she knows all the ins and outs and does it with an infectious smile and an obvious love of all things fashion. Walks on the beach, a good red wine and a disciplined, well-versed team is what she likes. Like the Queen of bees in her hive, she’s watched over and helped the 3 teams grow over the last 8 years.

Neil Bragg (aka the mastermind) : Web developer and problem solver extraordinaire, he is equally at home tapping his fingers on the keyboard as tapping his feet to Nuevo Tango. He is always dreaming of his next work-of-art (website) and like all artists, hungers for recognition and feedback. He is a true devotee of the school of “less is more”, “elegant” being his favourite word.

Naomi Lignier (aka the multitasker) Community and customer service manager : There’s nothing you can throw at her that she won’t find an answer to, a love of going the extra mile and a commitment to service, you can rest assured that you’re in good hands. An avid traveler (with a lonely planet fetish) with a rather particular dancing style who loves to have fun (and drink mojitos). Her signature is on everything from social media, email, and managing customer service.