Introducing RM Kandy - A montreal-based custom jewellery brand.


RMKandy is about instilling confidence, garnering attention, and making an impact. But, different to all the arm candies out there, they are about doing it for yourself and not for someone else. The baby of fashion enthusiast and entrepreneur Ramona Meghdadi, hence the RM initials, Montreal based custom jewellery brand RM KANDY celebrates authenticity, individuality, and originality. The K in Kandy is a homage to Ramona’s brother and best friend who passed away at a very young age, but who continues to inspire her every single day.


A stylish Montrealer who has always had a pulse on fashion and a great eye for design, Ramona has always loved accessories and their ability to take an outfit, and one’s confidence, from a 7 to a 10. She has always had a soft spot for stackable bracelets. As a matter of fact, her decision to found RM Kandy came from wearing pieces she had created herself and constantly being asked by friends and strangers: ‘where did you buy that?’. After too many ‘I made them myself’ answers, and a little health pause that helped put things into perspective, she finally decided it was time to turn a side passion into a full-time business.

Being Persian, Ramona’s jewellery style is really a mix, making it suitable to a whole spectrum of different personalities, individual styles, and unique situations. The only constant is the quality of every single piece. By mixing colors, textures, shapes, modern jewels with more classic pieces, everyday findings with precious stones, she is able to create affordable timeless pieces that can help men and women dress up or down any outfit. And while many of her pieces are inspired by her travels and experiences, others are inspired by those customers keen on having a fully customized piece only they can own.